All Creatures Great and Small
Church Farm, Llanfrechfa, Cwmbran, NP44 8AD
At All Creatures Great and Small we have a large and secure field that you are able to rent out for 30 minutes at a time for £5 per 30 minute slot. The field can be used either for training or just as a secure place to let your dog off the lead. If you would like to book more than 30 minutes please make two consecutive bookings. The field is 56m wide and 42m long. There will be someone on site 24/7 in case of emergencies, please knock the farm house door or call the number on the gate if you need anything. Bookings are non-refundable.Directions:Head for The Gate pub in Llanfrechfa and turn down the lane alongside it. Drive all the way down the lane until you come to a church and then bear left. You should then see red arrows pointing to go into the sanctuary. Park anywhere in this area.10 Rules For Using The FieldPlease pick up poo & use bins provided to dispose of poo bagsPlease pick up litter and leave the site how you found itDogs must be on a lead between the road and the field as we have farm cats roamingIt is the owners responsibility to ensure all gates are closed before letting your dog off the leadOwners accept responsibility for themselves and their dog(s)Please remember we are an animal sanctuary and respect our resident animals and neighbours by not making excessive noiseAs responsible dog owners we do expect any dogs using the field to be vaccinated/wormed/flead etc. Please send a photograph of your pet's vaccination records to meg@allcreatureslife.orgPlease ensure you have your dog under control on a lead and ready to leave at the end of your allocated spot Don't let dogs dig in the fieldIn the event of an emergency or if you have any issues please contact the number posted on the gate of the field


  • Emma Jane Casey
    Love Love Love
    Been looking for somewhere like this for ages, was recommended. Only place in my area that does this and it's a great idea. Easy to book and not too expensive. Safe and Clean area and my dogs loved it. Will be using it every week, more if I can afford.
  • Michelle Murtagh
    Absolutely brilliant
    Thank you so much for allowing people to hire this field. My dog is very friendly but a typical bouncy, boisterous boxer who gets easily distracted by other dogs and people. This means that any recall goes out of the window so I am very limited where I can let her off lead. The field was perfect, it’s a great size and it was very clean. To be able to let her run around without any distractions was brilliant and we will definitely be back.
  • Neil Clarke
    Archie loved the field, plenty of space to run around off the lead. Water, bins and lots of toys available. Will definitely be booking again.
  • Steve Gilbert
    Hi we have booked this field many times now and the field is fantastic , with lots of room and water and toys . The only down side is the lazy people that can't be bothered cleaning their mess up as on Wednesday this week we had to clear 4 lots away before ours could run about . We booked the 7pm slot so there were only 4 bookings before us . Pls find out who is leaving thei'r mess and ban them also a good suggestion would be a cctv camera as it's not nice or fair on the responsible owners . Once again though it's a great facility to have as our dog's are nervous around other dogs keep up the good work .
  • Heather Nicholls
    Heather ,Sam,arwen ,Lola
    Awesome field ,staff are really helpful and friendly,have been using the field for a month now ,twice a week ,my rescue arwen has idiopathic epilepsy and I'm a bag of nerves on walks as she has cluster seizures and has to be hospitalised ,this field is a godsend I can let her off cars right next to it if she does have one ,she needs the exercise as she has gained weight with her meds ,it's such a worry walking her ,my 3 really enjoy it ,my labs just had an op so it was nice for her for gentle exercise ,my lurcher goes wild in there doing his zoomies ,fantastic place lovely and clean ,we have missed a few due to wet and hot weather but it really doesn't matter because you know the money will go to animals at the sanctuary and I'm more than happy with that ,let's hope everyone looks after the field as its used for the dogs at the sanctuary and we can all continue to use it for our babies ,£5 for half an hour's peace of mind and 3 tired dogs it's so worth it ,thank you all creatures your making alot of dogs and owners very happy xx
  • Julian Rackham
    Great!! Our dog is nervous which leads to aggressive behaviour and barking so your field is a god send! People still need to pick up after their dogs though - picked up 2 today. Also would help if the next walker would park away from the field gate so the user could exit the field without any indiscretions. All that being said it has been fab for our dog!!
  • Sarah Evans
    Great field!
    Our girl loved the field and we did to as it felt incredibly safe and secure. She ran around for the full half an hour and slept all the way home. The half hour was easy to book and incredibly good value, and the free dog water was definitely needed! We’ll be coming again soon
  • Sam Stats
    Great space but pick up your poo - please
    We love coming here. It’s close to home, safe and reasonably priced. We’ve used it about ten times I guess and have more slots booked, but last couple of times we’ve arrived and people haven’t cleaned up after their dogs. I don’t mind picking up the odd random poo but it’s not really a job I relish! We do love it, but might get put off if the poo situation gets worse.
    Hi Sam, many thanks for your review. We're so pleased to hear that you are, in general, enjoying your time in the field. I am really upset to hear about you finding dog poo that has been left by others. At the sanctuary we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facilities and our staff work meticulously to ensure standards are kept. We are aware that there are a small minority of users that aren't following the rules that we have set, including, cleaning up your dog's mess. We find it unacceptable that people are continuing to leave the mess when we provide both bins and poo bags. We have an ongoing investigation in to this issue & we have started to ask that people contact us if/when they find poo in the field as this will help us to identify the person(s) in question. Please could you send an email to so that I am able to discuss this further with you. If you were able to give me the name it was booked under/dates/times etc this would be a huge help in trying to resolve this problem. Thank you again for your feedback and we hope to get this issue fixed so that you can continue to enjoy the use of this field.
  • Wendy Cornish
    Fabulously safe running ground. Try to get out every week.
  • Jade
    Great fun
    Our two pointers absolutely loved the field. One being almost completely blind and the other being a abused rescue who can be a bit skatty with loud noises ect whilst off the lead means it's not safe to let them off anymore. So it was really nice to watch them run around exploring without worrying about what could happen. They absolutely loved it and slept very well after! We will definitely come back!
  • Mandy Lyn
    Fantastic All Creatures Great and Small, Charlie had an awesome time last night, field good size, secure, clean even had water. Would highly recommend small fee so worth it, already booked for next week.
  • Caroline James-Simmonds
    Wing a dog walker and having 3 dogs myself I’ve been looking for a field for what seems like forever! I took my 3 today they loved it! The field is safe secure clean and tidy! Will definitely be doing this on a weekly basis!
  • Max Mark Howells
    Exercise field
    Well worth the small fee to let our 2 dogs have some safe off lead fun
  • Lisa Stephens
    To see our border collie cross regaining his love of exercise after receiving the all clear from knee surgery. Brilliant size area, safe and secure with no distractions. Will be booking another visit.
  • Wendy Cornish
    Secure field for my twins to run free. Another visit booked for tomorrow. It’s great as well knowing that it is helping the sanctuary financially.
  • Vicki Phillips
    I used the secure field for the first time last night for a couple of my Chihuahuas, although my dogs are not reactive being a small toy breed I worry about them while out & about. They could run, sniff and roll and just be dogs with no worries. We had a fab time! I would recommend with absolutely no hesitation and have already booked to come back! Thankyou.
  • Linda Lewis
    lovely secure field
    Our dogs had a great time this evening running around off lead in a secure area. Field is good size fully enclosed. Very clean. I have already booked again for next week.
  • Tracy L Lynn
    Great exercise area for my 3 mad border collies
    What a fantastic idea for years we have been saying wouldn’t it be great if we could rent a field to exercise our 3 mad border collies. The field is clean, secure with water and shaded areas. You can park next to it too. My boys loved it. And it raises funds for this amazing charity. Well done!!
  • Rachel Morley
    Freedom for Sonny
    Amazing - Sonny had the best time! We loved watching him off the lead with no worrying distractions - thank you All Creatures Great & Small for giving us this opportunity x
  • Blaize's Palace Dog Parlour
    Great communication of Facebook for booking info. Lovely warm welcome when we arrived. First time for Bailey off the lead so this safe and secure location was just perfect. So glad we found out about you see you again soon
  • Leanne Coleman
    Doggie Freedom Fun!
    Geddy, Suzie & especially Merlin are so happy that I found this sanctuary, you see Merlin is a reactive dog, he struggles with strangers, both two & four legged. All Creatures Great & Small have given him the opportunity to be able to run free with his housemates, not a lead in sight, totally secure, with water, toys and bins provided, all for the small fee of a donation to this fantastic charity! Thank you all, you have changed Merlin's world
  • Leanne Lloyd-Tolman
    Great little find!
    We booked today for our first visit with our 8 month old lurcher pup and our three children. We were not disappointed! Both dog and children loved it! A great size field, totally secure so even our little escape artist couldn't get out, a variety of toys left out to use, full water bowl and plenty of space to have a good run about. We've already booked our next visit!
  • Gabby Butt
    We booked for this evening, not realising it was the opening evening! The guy we met was super helpful, and it's such an amazing little spot. We brought 1 of our rescue dogs along as we didn't know what to expect and were pleasantly surprised as it's a great size, and definitely secure so we know our other escapee rescues couldn't get out! We've already booked in a bunch for a few times a week and are looking forward to coming back

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All Creatures Great and Small
At All Creatures Great and Small we have a large and secure field that you are able to rent out for 30 minutes at a time. The field can be used either for training or just as a secure place to let your dog off the lead. If you would like to book more than 30 minutes please make two consecutive bookings.

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Rent The Exercise Field
At All Creatures Great and Small we have a large and secure field that you are able to rent out for 30 minutes at a time. The field can be used either for training or just as a secure place to let your dog off the lead. If you would like to book more than 30 minutes please make two consecutive bookings.
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