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  • Rosie Fish
    Kasia is awesome, she is so encouraging and supportive. It feels like working out with a friend, but a friend who pushes you much further than you would push yourself. We always have a good laugh in our sessions and I look forward to them every time. I have so much more self confidence since I started training with Kasia, I was too scared to even go into a gym by myself when I started! I feel much fitter and stronger and would 100% recommend Kasia to anyone!
  • Kayleigh Silver
    Kayleigh silver
    I look forward to my Monday nights going to Kasias Insanity class. Definitely gets me working hard. Such a friendly and welcoming group. Thankyou for pushing me
  • Megan Louise
    I met Kasia in July last year. Before I met her I would go to the gym regularly but wasn’t seeing any results due to giving up as soon as I would begin to struggle. Kasia has helped me realise it is a good thing to struggle and has pushed me to my limits. Since meeting her my body confidence has improved and my fitness levels have come on leaps and bounds. Would recommend this lovely women to anyone including those who have never done something like this before as she gives you so much motivation to reach your goals. P.S she’s a great laugh and you are guaranteed to have a great time during training.
  • Jasmin Fisher
    Amazing. Will change your fitness and confidence!!
    I have been seeing Kasia for 4 months now and she has changed my fitness levels dramatically. Before I worked with Kasia I was regularly exercising but not seeing any results or improvements. But with Kasia’s support my fitness has come on leaps and bounds. I feel better about myself and my confidence has improved. I love that we set goals together and she helps me strive towards them, last week I completed a 10k race in under an hour. She gave the confidence to do it! The classes are also super fun. I would highly recommend Kasia to everyone.
  • Lisa Camp
    Just a beginner
    Tonight was only my second session and although I found it tough I loved it because I like to feel like I’ve done something and worked as hard as I can. Kasia is so supportive and positive and makes you feel comfortable if you’ve not quite mastered the moves. I’ll be signing up for a block of 6 and not looking back ☺️
  • Abbey hannaford
    Highly recommend
    I was feeling fat and down about my weight in March last year, bad foood, takeaways and Alchol but then I met Kasia and she had changed not only the way I think about food but the way I look! She is amaizng, she will push you to things you though you couldn’t do and also she will support you 24hour a day weather it stopping you eating chocolate or KFC or just for some advice she is there! If you are looking for someone not to judge you or to make you feel body confident then fit panda is the Person!
  • Danielle Archibald
    I love Kasia!! She’s amazing & makes me laugh every session. She works me so hard but because we gossip & laugh, it feels like a catch up rather than a work out. I always look forward to seeing her xxx
  • Justine Wright
    Panda Rules
    I’ve done a combination of classes and personal training sessions with Kasia and she’s helped and inspired me to reach a level of strength, fitness and confidence I’ve never had before. I have huge respect for her sensible, supportive approach as well as her drive and passion for fitness. I would highly recommend Kasia if you are interested in achieving some similar goals for yourselves.
  • Emily Bowden
    I have only been seeing Kasia for around 10 weeks and I would recommend her to anyone! Kasia is super supportive, not only in her sessions but also through messaging, and encouraging. Kasia knows exactly what you need to reach your goals and how to get you there even when you aren't feeling the most confident or are in the right head space!
  • Jamie
    Don't hesitate
    I first went to see Kasia around 9 months ago. Best decision I ever made. She has helped to build my confidence and give me back everything I wanted. I am now at a point where I have lost over 3 stone and am confident with my body. She was so supportive when I needed it and strong when I needed pushing. Wouldn't ever hesitate seeing her !

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