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Healexus Healing
GAA Building, Clare St, Friarsground, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, , Ballyhaunis, F35 RP38
Healexus Psychoenergetics is a new form of energy healing that helps you uncover the root causes of physical, mental and emotional issues manifesting ongoing ailments or chronic conditions.


  • Airyn Gustiene
    I have no words Just amazing.. thank you so so much Eamon..I feel so happy like a new woman.. Thank you and God bless YOU
  • Bingnan Sun
    I have attended two 1:1 sessions and happy with it. Looking forward more sessions are coming.
  • Camilla Brown
    Feel I've been hit by a truck!
    My 1:1 session with Eamon yesterday was good as was the seminar later, however! after a very restless night I feel totally exhausted/drained today and my very painful knee which had improved after the healing session is worse than ever today....l accept l am at the beginning of my Healexus journey and look forward to progressing. Incidentally my husband attended the seminar with no expectations he'd had an accident last year which resulted in a fractured patella. He's had constant niggling soreness and pain in that knee...he claims He's cured, no soreness or pain today.
    Many thanks for your feedback Camilla. Tfsleepless night last nght and recurrence of pain in the knee are signs o what is termed a healing crisis. This is when negative energy is released from the body as positive energy moves in to take its place. This is not a common occurrence in Healexus Healing but when it does happen it tends to be short lived. You should think of this as a positive sign that things are shifting as a reult of our session and expect an improvememt soon :)
  • Ann Mahon Croke
    Ann croke
    Really enjoyed workshop last night . It was very interesting and cant wait to try out all the new stuff you talked about
  • Bridget Clarke
    Just in time
    Finally an answer to developing the powers that are inherent in all of us. Looking forward to the workshop. Introduction could be shorter though. Thanks Eamonn.
  • Rhona Lillis
    Hi Eamon,really enjoyed your seminar and my 1:1 healing session really felt a shift in my energy,really would like to do your workshop in the near future,are u heading to limerick any time soon as my cousin would be interested too. Tanx Rhona
  • Ann Mahon Croke
    Crazy fantastic amazing thing ive ever been through
    Hi eamon..sorry i didnt get to say goodbye to night but you were surrounded.. .i am totally amazed with what you do ...or maybe i do it .....i honestly can say ive never experienced anything like it in my life....i cant believe i went into them positions ..without even trying ...its the strangests feeling ever.....i didnt even know my body could do them moves ......amazing amazing and im totally amazed.....thank you so much eamon ..i feel more alive tonite in fact im kinda buzzin.......would dearly love to do workshop and get that fantastic healexus ....husband just got let go from work and im off with sickness....but i will find the money somewhere to do your workshop Thank you again eamon and God bless you and your wife and your children
  • Frances Paterson
    Yes booking was easy and reminders were great!

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Our services

Complimentary - 1:1 Discovery Session (Via Web or Phone)
Wondering if this type of healing is for you? Why not join me on a FREE discovery call where you can discover how Healexus Psychoenergetics can help you overcome your ongoing physical or emotional issues and help you get your life back on track. Discovery sessions are done online via face to face communication apps such as Facetime / Skype or Whatsapp and can last up to 20 minutes. All sessions must be pre-booked and confirmed atleast 4 hours in advance of the session start time and are subject to availability.
20 minutes
60 EUR
1:1 Healing Diagnostic (Via Internet)
The Healing Diagnostic Session is the first step in the Healexus 3 Step Healing System aimed at dealing with ongoing ailments. Every ongoing physical, mental or emotional issue has underlying causes that need to be identified in order for that issue to be resolved. The underlying issues [trapped emotions, energy blockages, stress etc.. } that need to be resolved are identified during this healing consultation which is carried out remotely over the internet using a face to face communication tool such as Whatsapp, Skype or Facetime. This session lasts for up to 40 minutes and includes an email follow up summary of the session ,
40 minutes
100 EUR
1:1 Healing Treatment (Via Internet)
This 1:1 healing consultation is the 2nd part of the 3 step Healexus Healing System and is done remotely over the internet using a face to face communication tool such as Whatsapp, Skype or Facetime. The session can typically lasts for up to 60 minutes and includes email follow up summary of the session and full instructions enabling the client to progress the healing over the following 30 days where required.
1 hour
50 EUR
1:1 Healing Review (Via Internet)
The Healing Review Session is the 3rd and last step in the Healexus 3 Step Healing System aimed at healing your ongoing ailments. During this session which is carried out across the internet using (Whatsapp/Facetime or Skype) we review your healing progress, check that any energy changes that have already been applied to you remain in place and lastly ensure that everything is in place for a complete healing to be carried out in as effectively as possible. This session typically lasts for up to 30 minutes and includes an email follow up summary to help the client stay on track.
30 minutes
50 EUR
1:1 Pre-demo Healing Session
During each 30 minute session we focus on reducing the pain of one physical ailment using energy healing techniques unique to Healexus Psychoenergetics.
30 minutes
100 EUR
1:1 Healing /Diagnostic Session (Face to Face)
During each 60 minute session we focus on getting to and then addressing the underlying root causes of any physical/emotional ailment being presented. The problem is then addressed through energy healing techniques unique to Healexus Psychoenergetics Healing.
1 hour