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Unit 35, 16 Olympia Mall East Kilbride Shopping Centre, East Kilbride, Glasgow G74 1LL
I know if you are reading this booking page you are probably looking for a little support and guidance on how to make your personal goals a reality ?Gain confidence in working out in the gym environmentLose weight and keep it off long termBuild lean muscle to create those curves in just the right placesReduce body fat from those stubborn areasHave better focus and increased energy to make the most of your dayKnow the foods you should be eating to help you reach and maintain your goalsKnow the best exercises to help manage a chronic medical condition you may have been struggling withFeel great with an improved state of mental well beingJust book in and I will see you soon


  • Martin Watson
    I have been going to the gym for 3 years now. Had great success in the first year or so. Have found the next half of that challenging and have went back the way. I was using the weight machines rower and treadmills during that time. At the start of this year I noticed that I was not really achieving anything at the gym and spoke to Lisa in the gym about moving over the black line to the free weights section of the gym. Lisa gave me the basic rundown of what to do at this point and I plugged away for a few months myself. When I thought I was ready, I started individual PT sessions with Lisa at the start of April. It has really opened my eyes to the fact that running is not the only way to do cardio. With a mixture of weight training and circuit training it has sparked a new found love for the gym again and even in a sort space of time I am seeing the results already. Lisa is down to earth and a good laugh which makes the pain and suffering she puts you through a bit more manageable
  • Stephanie Mcarthur
    I would highly recommend lisa as a pt, she is very fun and energetic! Every session is different and so much fun! i have gained so much more confidence since starting! X
  • Megan Fleming
    Lisa makes you feel at ease and tailors each workout to suit what you actually enjoy. Would definitely recommend

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Lisa Goodwin Purgym EK
Can I firstly ask have you heard the very popular phrase: “If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done” Well If that statement resonates with you, Then answer me this… Would you like help to : Lose weight and reduce body fat from those stubborn areas? Build lean muscle to create those curves in just the right places? Have better focus and increased energy to make the most of your day? Know what foods you should be eating to help you reach and maintain

Our services

10 GBP
First session always consists of a health & wellness assessment and consultation. Plus 30 min introductory workout.
1 hour
BRONZE PACKAGE (10 x 60mins Sessions)
Starter Package for Introduction to Exercises / Build Routine/ Exercise program/ Fun Motivation, Can be utilised in buddy system if desired.
1 hour
SILVER PACKAGE (20 x 60mins Sessions)
Body Composition package to Lose Body Fat / Develop Muscle Tone / Fat Loss Nutrition Body Composition assessment & monthly review /Meal diary Submission & weekly review and recommend changes to ensure adaptation, Instructional Supermarket shop day
1 hour
GOLD PACKAGE (40 x 60mins Sessions)
Specific goal package to Rehabilitate Injury / Muscle Strength & Endurance/ Event or Sports specific training / Event or Sports Nutrition Description: Series of tests to evaluate current level of fitness. Tests include resting heart rate, blood pressure, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility.
1 hour
32 GBP
PAYGO (1 x 60mins Session)
Book in When ever you are free
1 hour
GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING (3x30mins per week)
SPEEDY PERSONAL TRAINING (3x30mins per week)
30 minutes