Look Fabulous Forever
Upper Level, Centre Court Shopping Centre, Wimbledon
Book your appointment here to have makeover with one of Look Fabulous Forever's professional makeup artists. The cost of the makeover is redeemable against any products you may buy from us following the makeover


  • Pauline James
    Great makover
    I had a makeover in Wimbledon. I've been looking at the LFF website for some time but was wary of buying anything I couldn't try or see first. It was a lovely experience and my adviser was brilliant explaining as we went along what she was using and why. She also gave me a chart to explain what she had used and where which is very handy . I will definitely be adding to the items I bought on the day and will continue to use your products in the future. Thank you.
  • Janis Sorrell
    Fantastic makeover
    A lovely relaxing experience. Although I've been using LFF products for a while, Kate was so helpful at showing me how to use them to best advantage.Even my husband was surprised at the difference in 'before' and 'after'. My eyes looked bigger and the Fuschia lipstick gave such bright finish. Had a great time!
  • Wendy Sherlock
    I had a really good makeover with Margot. She was extremely pleasant and very knowledgeable. She gave both my friend and I lots of information and nothing was rushed, everything was aimed at giving us a good experience. We were both delighted with the results and would come again.
  • mary ardern
    The best makeover I've had.
    I've had a couple of makeovers in the past. The one on my 46th birthday left me rushing to the store's toilet to clean some of it off. The second, some years later, I braved in my home but the young woman who did a fair job didn't really take on board that I couldn't actually see properly in the room's lighting. Thus I didn't get as much as I should out of it. At the age of 64, I decided to risk a makeover with LFF as I already use their products and love them; I had already visited the shop and knew it wasn't too scary and as the price of the makeover was refunded through the cost of the products I bought on the day, it seemed a great offer. My initial nerves on arriving were soon dispelled and although I'm sorry to say that I can't recall the name of my makeup artist, she did an excellent job of putting me at ease, advising me in a non-patronising manner and not only making up my face but also recording the process in a way which has enabled me to follow her advice, with the suggested products, every day since. That has never been the case before. She was also great at informing me which products I already had which weren't quite right or necessary for me yet and I have now replaced these with her suggestions and I am loving the difference it has made. Something I would never have known without this first hand experience. There have been nothing but benefits from this makeover and I would totally recommend that anyone who is thinking of having an LFF makeover, to help them decide which products to buy and how to use them, should go ahead and do it.
  • Jane Ballentyne
    Wimbledon Store makeover
    I had my makeover with Kate. Lovely lady who is supportive and knowledgeable. I enjoyed my makeover and took a lot away with me. I feel I can definitely apply my makeup better than before and my base is perfect!!
  • Carole Wilcox
    A Fabulous Treat
    I really enjoyed my makeover with Margot at Wimbledon recently. She was very knowledgeable and gave me lots of tips. I had wanted to try LFF products but hadn't been sure about just ordering them from the website so this was a perfect way to try out new things. I was surprised at the difference after my makeover and felt that I had learned a lot and gained confidence about trying out a new look. I felt very pampered. I really appreciated that there was no hard sell of products and having the makeover fee set off against the cost of items is an excellent idea. I have found it quite easy to follow her tips and everyone has loved the 'Foxy Lady' lipstick! Thank you.
  • Christine Howson
    A special time!
    I’m really pleased I booked this session. I wanted to look at my best for my son’s wedding and my lovely make-up advisor (so sorry, I didn’t catch her name) certainly helped me to do just that. Firstly she made up my face - when I looked in the mirror after she had finished I hardly recognised myself - my eyes looked so much bigger and my skin smoother. She then went on to explain in detail what she had done while illustrating this on a chart with detailed notes - which I have since found really easy to follow. She gave me so many tips about make-up that would suit me. The emphasis being on bringing out the best points - which I hadn’t been doing. The very best thing about this session was that for a whole hour I felt very special and very pampered - an hour that was all about me...I loved it!! Thank you.
  • Mary Freeman
    Fab Makeover
    Having used LFF makeup & brushes for several years, really wanted to experience a makeover. I eventually booked a makeover at the Wimbledon branch last week, the hottest day in the UK this year so far. Everyone in the shop was so lovely which made the whole experience so good. Julie was very helpful in explaining everything & giving lots of tips. She also completed a chart for the makeup used & diagrams of where to apply, so useful on my return home when I tried to recreate. All in all a brilliant experience I hope to repeat some time in the future.
  • Sandra Kelly
    A lovely experience
    I have been following Tricia’s blog for a couple of years and had wanted to try some of the products, particularly the foundation, but was unsure about colour. A weekend in London gave the opportunity to book a makeover in the Wimbledon shop and it was a lovely experience. Margot (hope I’m remembering that correctly!) was very pleasant and put me completely at ease. She explained everything thoroughly to me and gave lots of tips. There was no pressure to purchase but I did buy a few items and the cost of the makeover was deducted from the total.
  • Karen Cheney
    What an experience
    I had a wonderful session with Julie at the Wimbledon pop up. It was everything I had hoped it would be. Julie was to lovely she took time to explain what she was using and why and what suited my skin tone. It was wonderful to try the products as i had been looking on line for a long while. You are not pressured to purchase anything but i did come away with products as i was so happy with the look i had been given. I have a list of other products now which i want ot invest in and i intened to book another makeover soon. You get the session costs back if you purchase products on the day. So it's a good way to stagger paying for goods
  • Lynda Domenech
    Very Helpful session
    I had an enjoyable hour with Lavinia who was lovely. She showed me how to enhance my hooded eyes which was a revelation and each step of the makeover was explained to me and written down on an information card to take away with me for future reference. Lavinia also suggested taking my photo on my phone so I could refer to it later when trying to re-create the look myself. There was no pressure to buy the products but I did get the serum, beauty balm, eye primer, lip primer and a pretty lipstick. I’m sure I will be back for more very soon!
  • Pauline Thurman
    A super learning curve
    I really enjoyed my session at the Wimbledon shop. My lovely make-up artist showed me how to make the best of my face and I just have to practice now! Probably the hottest day of the year so far wasn't the best time to test a new make-up but it stayed in place successfully until I got home later in the evening. Fabulous indeed!!
  • Anna Martin
    A thoroughly enjoyable and informative hour
    Now that I have reached 70 yrs I felt I should learn to apply make up in order to make the best of my older facial looks and to cover blemishes. I went to the LFF shop in Wimbledon and spent a happy hour with the most delightful make up artist being taught how to apply the best lotions and colours for my skin and I was delighted with the results. I shall continue to use the LFF products with much more confidence. Thank you
  • Pauline Hay
    A lovely treat!
    My daughter bought me the make-up session for Mother's Day. I've always been nervous of make up counters in stores feeling they are aimed at younger people but this was nothing like that. The session was very friendly and relaxed without pressure. Plenty of choice or options and some ideas that I will continue with. I didn't know of the products but it's good to know that they are manufactured in U.K. and are available on line. Take the plunge - you will enjoy!
  • Mairwen Haxton
    An hour well spent!
    I have been using LFF products since the launch of the company and have always been happy with them. The videos are really useful too, but after my makeover yesterday, I feel that this is the way to go if one is able to get to Wimbledon or Guildford. It's always comforting to know that one is using the products correctly, but I picked up lots of useful tips too. An informative and relaxing hour - thank you very much.
  • Val Shelley
    Val Shelley
    I was delighted with my relaxing and informative makeover experience. Went with a friend who’s been using a LFF products for a few years and whose makeup always looks good yet natural- a rare combination. I was given lots of tips and advice at every stage, and was very happy with the results. I bought the excellent silk face primer, together with foundation and beauty balm, great together, plus neutraliser and concealer, plus the lovely silver mist and aubergine eye shades and a soft coral lipstick. Really good colours for me. I’ve had lots of compliments already, and can’t wait for my next visit/purchase. Thank you LFF team for such a positive experience.
  • Wendy
    A lovely experinece
    It was a real treat to have my first ever makeover ..... at 63! I was staying with my daughter in Wimbledon, so when I saw LFF had a pop-up shop there, it was too good an opportunity to miss. The shop is light and airy with a discrete area at the back for the makeovers. No passing shoppers can oversee, which is great. My appointment was at 10 am when the shop opened but it wasn’t until 10.20 am that the stylist arrived and was ready for me. I was offered a coffee while I was waiting but I could see the shop assistant was getting anxious. Nevertheless, the whole experience was lovely and I felt very special. We talked about which LFF products I have already purchased and decided to try some new products for the face and different coloured eye shadows. I valued her advice on face priming, blusher and eyebrows. Although I didn’t like the effect that the brown eye shadows (Taupe and Coco) had on my blue eyes, I was pleased to have tried them. In future, I will stick to the Bluebell and Aubergine, and Soft Grey and Charcoal LFF shadows that I already have. What I really didn’t like with the application of the eye shadows, was the lack of blending. There was quite a definite line coming up from the outer eyelids which was quite harsh. I was also surprised at how little mascara was applied, with no prior lash curling. I wondered if it would be a good idea to have a hand mirror for your customers to look into at each stage of the makeover. It wasn’t until I climbed down off the stool at the end that I could get a close-up look at my face. The leaflet to take home which highlights the applications during the makeover, is really useful. I was also a little concerned at how low the SPF was in your products. Many ladies over 50, me included, have had skin cancers. This is probably due to the fact that we used to sunbathe back in the 70s with no skin protection, or even use olive oil, to get a good tan! The oncologist advised me to wear sun factor 50+ everyday and particularly recommended Sun Sense Daily Face. This has an invisible tint finish and is an oil-free cream base with UVA and UVB protection. Perhaps you could look into something similar for LFF products? Afterwards, I purchased the Smooth Like Silk Face Primer, the Real Radiance Blush, the Bring Back Brow Shape and the cream No Shimmer Eye shade. I am using them daily with much more confidence! Thank you.
  • Marion
    Reassuring and confidence building
    I booked in what I thought afterwards was a moment of madness - I’d just had my hair cut in a very different style and was feeling unsure. I’m not much of a make up wearer and usually find people at beauty counters rather intimidating. But this was an altogether different experience- informative, relaxing, and confidence building. I might even start wearing eye shadow .......
  • Madeleine Montgomery
    Enjoyable experience
    Had a great makeover. I found it very informative and actually very relaxing too! I bought some products and look forward to experimenting myself. It's been at least 20 years since I used eyeshadow but I now feel more confident to try again, especially with the eyelid primer! I have recommended to a friend whom I sure will be visiting you soon.
  • Hannah Ward
    I was very impressed by the skills of your make up artist. She explained as she went along just what she was doing and using. She got my colour just right and even encouraged me to be a little bolder with colours. I was very pleased with the end result. I hope that you 'pop up' before Christmas as I would like another 'treat'. I like the products and will be buying more of them. Thank you.
  • Carolyn Bayliss
    A worthwhile visit!
    Despite a stressful journey from Greenwich and arriving 10 minutes late I was soon put at ease and thoroughly enjoyed my make-over with Julie. I liked the products, learnt some new tricks and was pleased with the final look. I left with a bagful of products which I look forward to practicing with ahead of my son's wedding next month! Thank you Julie.
  • Carol Eccles
    A lovely treat!
    I had a very pleasant experience. I have been using some of the products for the past year and it was nice to get it confirmed that I was using the correct shades. I was very pleased with the end result and i found the staff extremely polite and helpful. I will be visiting again!
  • June Bolshaw
    Bit disappointed
    On a cold wet day travelled from Winchester to Wimbledon for a “girly” treat to include a make-over. Disappointed when I walked into the shop to find a man and a dog there. Realise you have no control over the man but feel dogs should not be allowed. Spoilt my initial start to the experience. My appointment was booked for 12 noon but didn’t start until 12.15. Lavinia who did my make-over was very nice. She talked me through what I wanted and overall this was achieved. She also explained why I was having problems with some of the products. I have trouble deciding if I am cool or warm toned but Lavinia told me I am neutral so can wear colours from both palettes. Bought some eye colours from the warm palette.
  • Anita Smyth
    A very enjoyable experience
    I travelled from Essex and on the way suddenly thought, please don't let it be situated in the middle of the centre so that you are on view to passers by but, no, it is in a beautiful salon with lovely ladies to welcome you. Barbara who applied my make up was very helpful and informative, I felt very comfortable and thoroughly spoilt. Each product used was explained on how to use and I loved the trio of eye shadows. I purchased several items and am looking forward to applying them with help from the online tutorials. I will certainly recommend to my friends.
  • Ruth Gilmore
    A valuable and enjoyable experience
    This was my second makeover in six months - I needed to restock my products and finetune the excellent advice received on the first occasion. It was great, and did exactly what I wanted. The shop is such a nurturing environment for women who can’t find what suits and affirms them at the mainstream beauty counters. Tricia is inspiring, and takes on board ideas and opinions from customers; I’m still hoping and pressing for a lighter shade of eyebrow makeup though, the product is a gem, but even the lightest application is too brown for us fair-browed ones. I’m sure LFF will listen!
  • Maureen Sullivan
    Enjoyable treat day out.
    My treat to myself , a lovely experience. Have been using LFF for a year or so .Pleased to have confirmed I was a warm skin tone and was choosing right colours. Glad she encouraged me to try olive eyeshadow which I probably wouldn’t have thought of, but it looked good.( so that’s now in my bag) I was pleased to hear shop going on longer and new venue planned, think that’s another treat day out.Thank you every one for warm welcome.
  • ClothSpot
    Oh look - I was in there all the time!
    Huge thanks to Julie for her patient, painstaking and hugely informative efforts on my face. Everything was explained (the take-away diagram was so helpful) and as a result I understood what was being done, why and how at each stage. Spent my budget with no problem (surprise!) and am looking forward to enjoying lots of practice. It was lovely to meet Tricia too. Lots of positive feedback from friends afterwards. I really felt treated - and I learned lots, too. Thank you!!
  • Mary Knights
    Mary Knights
    I have been using LFF products for a couple of years but wanted confirmation that I was using the correct ones so booked a make over. I was delighted that Tricia did my make up, she gave me lots of hints on using the make up and I was very pleased with the results as was my friend who also had a make over. I hope to visit the shop again soon with another friend who hasn't used the products but likes the results she has seen. Thank you Tricia and Julia for a lovely experience. Xx
  • Elaine Taylor
    A bit disappointing
    I booked a makeover as I wanted an update to my make-up to look fresher/‘prettier’ generally and also for my son’s wedding this summer. Although Lavinia was very nice and I felt comfortable with her I felt that she didn’t really listen/‘get’ what I wanted. I was disappointed with the end result and couldn’t really hide it from Lavinia - I still looked like me but paler/ duller and slightly invisible which is not what older ladies want! My husband commented that I looked pale and severe with no ‘softness’ to my face. In fact I felt that the lady on reception that day - I think her name was Julie (she usually works in the office upstairs but helps out in the shop when needed) - understood me more. We had a little chat before Lavinia arrived and I felt very encouraged as the products/tips that Julie suggested for me I agreed with. I didn’t buy anything that Lavinia had used on me but did buy some products/colours that Julie suggested afterwards and I’ve been pleased with them at home. Overall a nice experience, but perhaps with the wrong person, and it’s a lovely and ffriendly shop - I hope it becomes a permanent fixture! I look forward to my next visit (and hope that Julie will be in the shop then!)
  • Judith Anne James
    Judith James
    I enjoyed my makeover very much - so good to see and feel the different products and colours and I am thrilled to have a much lighter base than before which makes a difference.
  • Claire Nelson
    A worthwhile experience
    Loved my LFF experience. Definitely worth the effort of travelling from the other side of London. I didn’t feel intimidated (as I have in similar situations In the past) and actually came away with some really useful ideas. On the down side, the lovely lady who who worked with me didn’t actually seem to know the products very well, and I’m not sure she was actually listening when I said I wanted to look as tho’ I wasn’t wearing makeup - just a better version of me! I did buy several of the products she recommended, but will apply less of them.
  • Linda Black
    Lovely experience
    I would echo everything Cathryn has written about my experience at LFF. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and I was made to feel reassured and comfortable. I met my son at Euston station afterwards on our way home to Shropshire and he said I looked extremely glamorous!! I wish I could have Hilary with me in Edinburgh in May to do my makeup for the wedding. Thank you everyone
  • Cathryn Gregory
    I had discovered LFF when looking on line for makeup tutorials for older ladies. I had bought some products that I was pleased with (face primer and lipsticks). We were coming to Wimbledon for a social visit so I took the opportunity to book a make up session. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I was unsure about my colouring (now know it is cool) and found it good to review how I do my make up. Got lots of new tips and information and was pleased with the chart given at the end of the make over. I had good feedback from everybody who saw me that day saying how good I looked. I did my makeup the next day following the chart and again received a lot of comments about how nice I looked (not the norm honestly). Tricia came into the shop whilst I was there. Sorry to fan girl, but she looked fantastic, a great advert for the products. I was offered tea when I arrived, everybody was friendly and I had a good time, not intimidating at all.
  • Julie Jones
    Had a great time
    I was made to feel so welcome with a cup of tea and lovely makeup artist Sian even gave me one of her own lemsips for my dreadful cold. I really enjoyed the session. Sian gave me lots of hints and tips and carefully wrote them all out for me at the end of the session so I would not forget them. I think that the result was a bit more dramatic than I would usually wear for shopping in Wimbledon but I can easily tone it down for daytime. I bought lots of makeup as used by Sian! I have been very pleased with it with a couple of reservations. I think that the pink blush is a bit pink for my "autumn" colouring. With hindsight I would like to try peach instead. And the plastic cap on my light look beauty balm cracked the first time I used it which is very annoying. Also I was surprised to see that it contains no SPF. Is there a reason for that? Otherwise I was very happy and may book a follow up session.
  • Diane Hesford
    Mixed results!
    I arrived early for my appointment but received a warm welcome, a cup of coffee and my stylist even offered to start straight away. Lavinia was a delight and before applying a product she discussed it with me, even putting some on my hand to explain why she was using it and giving me tips too. I was very excited to see the results ...but.. I was disappointed and I couldn't hide this from Lavinia. My eyes looked smudgy and I couldn't imagine making them up like that but Lavinia patiently explained what she had done. I had to admit standing back from the mirror the effect was good but I wasn't convinced. We changed one of the colours and I made my purchases. Fast forward 12 hours and I am attempting to follow the helpful sheet I was given and create the new look. Well, I may have cheated and modified it just a bit but I popped into a neighbour for a coffee and she said, unprompted, "Your makeup looks fabulous!" So maybe it's a combination of Lavinia's tips, Tricia's great products and just a little but of tweaking from me. Now feeling uplifted and happy.
  • Elaine
    Fabulous time
    I did look at all the tutorials and products online before booking my make up tutorial but was delighted with the whole experience. Felt very comfortable and ‘ in tune’ with the LFF shop in Wimbledon. Connected to my stylist Hilary immediately, she totally ‘got’ all my questions, we had an ease of understanding that was lovely
  • Carol Bain
    Enjoyable experience
    I so looked forward to my consultation which I had booked as a Christmas gift from my son. I travelled down from Liverpool the day before. I have been purchasing items since 2015 so I was pleased to find I had correctly classed myself as 'cool toned'. A further bonus was being able to purchase more products out of the cost! I thoroughly enjoyed my hour and my make up looked great.
  • Pip Davidson
    Pip Davidson
    I came up to London with my octogenarian Mother & sister in law’s mother & my sister in law. I had been given Tricia’s book for Xmas & had read it from start to finish- loved the philosophy! We had 2 different ladies to do the mother & daughter makeover duo. The lady that did ours was very friendly but at the end we would have looked great in a photo shoot but a bit OTT for everyday. My sister in law & her Mum looked nicely enhanced. I was disappointed that we weren’t given more information on why this makeup is so good for older skin & why we were there rather than sitting at a Bobbi Brown counter. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly though.
  • Fiona Slade
    Relaxing experience
    On the whole I had an enjoyable time at the LFF shop. It was unhurried and I liked the fact we were tucked around the corner which felt less public than other makeovers I've had in the past. I was a little surprised when I was told I was warm toned as I'd had my colours done years ago and I was found to be a 'cool summer'. I'd also never been told my skin was sallow before and some bronzer was applied but I think it was a bit overdone as I looked yellow-orange in daylight and even my normally non-committal husband said I looked yellow! Having said that, I did purchase a few items that were applied, and overall I found the tips helpful. I've been using LFF products for a couple of years now and love the quality.
  • Mary Ann von Radowitz
    A great experience and a well overdue update
    I had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours in the LFF shop in Wimbledon, having my makeover with the lovely Julia, drinking coffee and purchasing a few new items so I could recreate my look at home. I've been a firm fan of LFF for a couple of years now but the time was ripe for an update to reflect my blonde/white/grey hair and colouring and also my (ahem) few more miles on the clock. I wasn't disappointed, in fact was thrilled that I looked so fresh and natural and had many compliments on how well I looked when I returned home. It's great to have a makeup brand specifically designed for older women, especially one that celebrates our time of life. Goodbye to the caked on foundation, clumpy lashes and heavy loose powder of days gone by and hello to well defined but natural eyes, statement lips and dewy skin. Congratulations to Tricia and all her teams!
  • Jilly Thompson
    A most enjoyable experience.
    I spent a lovely hour in the Look Fabulous Forever pop up shop in Wimbledon. I have used LFF products for a year or two now and have found them to be of excellent quality and have perused several LFF videos on Youtube, where I first discovered the brand. Lavinia, who was delightful, gave me my makeover and I felt very relaxed in her company. We discussed the colours she thought best for me and I discovered a few new tips. My finished appearance was lovely and remained intact until the evening when all that was required was a re-touch of lipstick. My only regret was that I was not sitting facing the mirror so I was not able to watch how she applied the products. With hindsight, I was looking for a tutorial rather than just a makeover and should have said this at the beginning.
  • Robyn Whitehead
    Uplifting experience
    Thank you Julie for giving me the confidence to update my makeup regime...Haviong worn makeup all my life and now entering my 70th year (omg) I felt I needed a second opinion...Julie really knows her product and instantly recognised my skin type, albeit a lifetime living in the Australian sun, and gave me a complete makeover....I definately felt the WoW factor and today I have completely revamped my makeup and purchased 14 items from LFF. Thank you Tricia for your inspiration and I hope one day your product will be represented in Australia...
  • Janina Hockney
    Lovely Experience
    I was a little apprehensive never having done anything like this before but I need not have worried. I received such a warm welcome and it was great to chat about the products, how they are used and have a record to take home. I really liked the finished effect and my husband who notices little was very complimentary. Delighted to learn that the shop will be open beyond March so I may book another session when/if my suntan returns! Thank you all for a lovely experience.
  • kathleen French
    Eye Opener
    Going for the makeover was the best day ever, It was a real treat, not only did I have a brilliant time, I learnt so much. I thought I'd have a make over and that was it, but what I liked was they went over what colours they used and where they should go. All of this was written down for me to take home to remind me, plus they kindly took my photo on my phone for reference. This was not only a treat but a lesson, it taught me how to me confident with my colours and not worry about looking like mutton dressed as a lamb. If like me you've lost the confidence to use make up then I would highly recommend having the make over
  • Charmaine
    My makeover yesterday with Tricia was really lovely. She was calm, approachable and solicitous. Before using any product she checked to see what I thought. We had a great chat and the whole experience was very relaxing and a real treat for me. I felt under no pressure to purchase products but did anyway as I have already tried some and for me they simply work very well. I must also mention the welcome I received when I walked into the shop. I was given a nice hot cup of coffee and made to feel at home. There is nothing like LFF in Italy where I live. Great to see it thriving.
  • Ali Cutbush
    Fantastic Afternoon
    Thank you to Hilary for my wonderful makeover on Saturday. She explained about all the products and showed me how to use them, giving me all sorts of tips. It was a delightful experience and everyone in the shop was so lovely. There was no hard sell just a totally relaxing experience that made me feel very uplifted. I would definately recommend this to other ladies. Thank you so much for giving me the confidence I needed.
  • Lock Diana
    Diana Lock
    I was delighted discover the LFF shop in Centre Court Wimbledon. I attended the evening last Wednesday evening which focused on our hair (or lack of it) and found the information given interesting and helpful. The environment was relaxed friendly and comfortable. I already use LFF products but will be booking myself in for a make over so learn how to apply them more effectively. Thank you to the team.
  • Penny Louch
    Hair and health
    Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative evening. The talk from Lisa, a trichologist from Philip Kingsley, was fascinating. I will certainly be paying more attention to ensure my diet contains adequate B12, iron and biotin to improve hair health.
  • Carol jeffs
    Carol Jeffs
    I really enjoyed my day in Wimbledon yesterday to have a makeover and also to hear Lisa, a trichologist from Phillip Kingsley, talk about the problems of aging hair. Hilary who did my makeover, showed me how to cover age spots and blemishes and disguise hooded eyes. I was very pleased with the final natural result, to be able to see all the LFF products and learn which colours were best for me. Later I was in a group of about ten ladies who were comfortable enough to talk about their thinning and falling hair. Lisa gave a very informative talk on treatments and how to care for aging hair. It was a very relaxed evening and there was no pressure to buy products. In fact we were given a very generous goody bag to take home. Thank you Tricia and congratulations on making your 'pop up' shop permanent.
  • Carolyn Beale
    Feeling fabulous
    My pre-birthday makeover yesterday was lovely. Tricia was very welcoming and inspirational to talk to. Julia, who did my makeover, was warm and friendly and full of excellent tips and advice on how to achieve the soft natural look I wanted. There was no hard sell of products, just advice on key items to complete the look. (I already had some of the products at home, so I knew they were good quality). The whole experience was friendly, relaxed, but also empowering. Thank you so much.
  • Rina Le Masurier
    Positive but costly experience!
    This was the first time that I had had a makeover and so I was delighted to learn that Tricia would do me. Her advice and guidance were excellent and I came out of the session looking more “enhanced”than when I arrived, but naturally so, as I had requested. The natural look was so effective that my husband and grown up children saw little difference! The greatest surprise I suppose, however, was the fact that the acquisition of the most necessary basics to copy the groomed but natural look at home came to almost £300. Certainly, I will need to make sure the products are used to the full but to do this, I shall have to study the videos more closely. It is not easy to go frim almost never using makeup to suddenly using even the long list of “basics” effectively. My new natural look is not as cheap as the old one!
  • Miriam Davies
    Uplifting experience!
    The experience was so enjoyable and uplifting. Sally was extremely kind and provided such helpful advice during the makeover- explaining how to use the products and which colours were most flattering. I need to make time to watch the LFF videos to replicate the 'look' Sally achieved but she has inspired me to try! Everyone in the shop was delightful ( and looked fabulous) too and really lifted my spirits.
  • Linda Davies
    I loved it!
    I loved my makeover and the atmosphere at the shop was so relaxed as were the assistants. I felt none of the apprehension I have previously felt at other makeovers. Julie gave me a number of tips on make up use and answered all my questions. Your products have given me confidence.
  • Linda Meredith
    New tricks
    As I wanted to treat myself to some new makeup, and try Look Fabulous Forever, I thought I would book a make over. It was such a pleasant, relaxed experience. In the past, I haven’t worn makeup day-to-day, only when ‘going out’. I learned how to choose and apply suitable colours in a flattering way and was extremely pleased with the results. I have taken onboard all the little hints, tips and recommendations. I have been very impressed with the quality and feel of the products. The clincher for me was the fact that you do not test on animals. I would have no problem in recommending your products to friends.
  • Sue Christian
    Happy hour!
    On a whim I decided to book myself in for a makeup lesson at the Wimbledon pop up store. I really enjoyed the experience and very calm atmosphere. I was given lots of pointers as to product and colour, all of which were very helpful. The only thing I’m still not convinced about is colour on wrinkly eyes....well on my wrinkly eyes anyway....it certainly seems to set into creases and highlight them, rather than mask them! But the products are lovely and I’m looking forward to getting used to my new look!
  • Jela Webb
    Such an enjoyable experience
    I had a make over at the pop-up store in Wimbledon and loved it! Sally, my make-up consultant was very friendly, professional and created a very relaxed atmosphere. I'd been interested in LFF products for a while but was reluctant to buy online without seeing them for myself. The make-over enabled me to try the products and at the same time get some very useful tips about applying them. The session also made me think much more about colour - I had my colours 'done' 18 years ago and with the changes in skin tone and hair over the years, what was right then, doesn't seem to work for me now. This was an eye-opener for me. I like how LFF products are light and not at all 'claggy' - they suit my style in that they create a very natural look, enhancing my facial features very nicely. Thank you LFF. x
  • Marilyn Cameron
    Love tricia’s chat...
    Enjoyed the evening but frustrating not to have time for makeover. I am a LFF convert but it would be good to view lip colours before trying. Style session was nice but not relevant to me.
  • Ann Clark
    I'd got into a rut with make up! doing the same or very little every day. I came across LFF a while ago now but I was reluctant to buy online without seeing/trying the products. My Son is getting married this year so as 'Mother of the Groom' I want to feel confident about my skin/appearance! Despite living quite a way from Wimbledon, I decided to book a makeover to experience it first hand. It was a calm & casual atmosphere & all the staff were lovely but not at all pushy! It was a very relaxing experience and I learned some very useful tips. I don't want to look heavily 'made-up' ... & that's not what LFF is about. Fresh, clean & natural looking .... Its all about making the very best of you :-)
  • Penny Robinson
    A relaxing and informative transformation!
    After extensive research on the internet about products for ageing skin, I came across LFF but was reluctant to buy without seeing the products. Despite living quite a way from Wimbledon, I decided the trip would be worth it to experience it first hand. I was right! There is nothing quite like an expert (and Julie really is an expert!) guiding you through the best products for you and showing you how to apply them. It was very relaxing and informal and I learned some very useful tips. There is no hard sell, but the products are beautifully packaged and feel lovely on the skin so I did splash out so that I could properly re-create the look at home. I need practise but I'm getting there! Was so impressed that I am thinking about becoming an LFF friend now as living in the country I know that it isn't always easy to get to places to find good make-up and certainly not LFF. Many thanks to Julie and the team for a great make-over and the inspiration!
  • Jennifer Stubbs
    LFF make over
    Loved it. I have been using these products since August. My husband bought me Tricias book and a voucher for a present. (Not sure whether he was trying to tell me something or just being nice. I like to think the later) the make over experience was great it confirmed that the colours and products I was using was correct and enabled me to purchase another supply. I love these products and also find Tricia out look on life inspirational and positive. (Use it or loose it) thank you from a very young 74 year old.
  • Maria Goldby
    Maria Goldby
    I had a wonderful time- thank you . The LFF makeover was relaxing and informative and a really lovely experience and my makeover was perfect , just what I needed ...I felt that I left a better version of me. The products are perfect for ‘older skin’ and I am now using some of them and people have already commented positively Thank you again I highly recommend this brand , service and products.
  • Maria Goldby
    Maria Goldby
    I had a wonderful time- thank you . The LFF makeover was relaxing and informative and a really lovely experience and my makeover was perfect , just what I needed ...I felt that I left a better version of me. The products are perfect for ‘older skin’ and I am now using some of them and people have already commented positively Thank you again I highly recommend this brand , service and products.
  • jemima prest
    My Mum looked great!
    I took my mum on her (72nd) birthday for a LFF makeover. She loved it and left looking fabulous and feeling more confident. There were no pushy sales, it was all about making my mum look her best but still look herself. I'm hoping to go too as the advice would definitely help someone in their 40s. Thank you everyone!
  • Helen Williams
    Definitely worth a trip!
    I went to Wimbledon from Ascot and it was definitely worth it! I had a lovely makeover from Lavinia who completely understood what I wanted to achieve (a low key daytime look). It was then great to have Tricia’s help to choose products to make good use of my £50. I left feeling thoroughly pampered, well presented and confident that I can recreate the look myself thanks to the card with a record of all the products and colours Lavinia used.
  • Leah Biller
    Tricia and her LFF team really get it right
    After trawling the internet for hints and tips on not looking like a cheap hooker after seeing myself in a photo using the same make up at 58 that I was applying when I was 28, I found LFF and saw the news about a pop up shop and makeover opportunities. I live quite a long way from Wimbledon but felt it would be worth it. Well it was. No disappointment whatsoever on any score - quite the reverse. I left feeling excited about a new me and confident about putting the new me together with the "instruction manual" Tricia gave me to follow which she compiled while she applied the products. I am sold on LFF and their products. Their customer service is terrific too. I can't rate my experience highly enough or give LFF enough starts in my rating.
  • Catherine Devlin
    Fantastic Makeover
    I was delighted and excited when I read that Trisha had opened a Pop-Up shop in Wimbledon. I booked as soon as I could make it and was not disappointed. The atmosphere was warm, inviting and private. We had plenty of time to review all of the products, my likes and dislikes, my skin and tone. We used the new lighter weight tinted moisturizer which I love - suits my skin beautifully. We tried new eye colours and also the new skin care range which is wonderful - bought it all before leaving. It was great to have a makeup artist who knows the products so well, loves what she does, respects and understands women of all ages, and makes you feel welcome and special. I highly recommend and will surely book another session to get more tips and try new colours. Thank you LFF! Please keep it open!
  • Penny Louch
    Wonderful Colour Workshop
    Fantastic evening with a lovely group of like minded women. So important to know what works by wearing the most flattering colours of clothes dependent on whether cool or warm and then which season. Great evening. Thank you
  • Penny Louch
    Fabulous LFF Makeover
    I thoroughly enjoyed my 1 hour makeover in the LFF pop-up shop. It was wonderful to be pampered and learn new skills about applying foundation and eye make-up. Still good to learn new ways after all these years! I have been using my new skills ever since and am really pleased. Thank you so much.
  • Alison Steel
    Fab makeover
    I had seen LFF online and loved the concept but was always loathe to buy without testing the colours. When I saw the pop up shop locally I couldn't wait to try the products. I was delighted to be made over by Tricia herself, she was a lovely lady and it was very interesting chatting to her . The products feel great on my skin, I got compliments from my family when I got home and it was easy to recreate the look today using the products I bought ( primer, foundation , concealer, blusher) plus my own existing eye make up and lipstick . I would definitely invest in these products from LFF in the future though. Thank you!
  • janet Jenkins
    I learnt so much!
    I have bought quite a lot of LFF products and some have worked for me and some haven’t. The makeover I had yesterday means that everything I buy in future will work for me! The makeup artist showed me how and where to apply each product to make the very best of myself. I learnt that less really is more as you get older. I bought all of the products that were recommended and was also given a guide showing where to apply each product so that I can try and replicate the look at home. It was a super experience and the shop is lovely. The only downside was that I didn’t get to meet Tricia as she was having a well deserved day off!
  • Gillian McAllister
    An improved me!
    I am so pleased that I decided to book a makeover. I bought LFF products before and love the quality of the products but there is nothing like having a make-up artist show you what colours will really suit you and the techniques to use them. I definitely came away feeling I was a better version of me! I will be recommending the make over to all my friends!
  • Nini Rose Partridge
    My makeover
    So glad I booked a makeover. The shop looks beautiful and the make up artist showed me how to make my eyes look bigger and brighter. Colour wise, I learned I am warm but not too warm and can wear some cooler shades, nothing with too much blue or orange. The face primer was just magic! The £50 was redeemable against purchases and there was plenty of good quality protro choose from. Highly recommended and well done Tricia!
  • Penelope Daly
    Visited the Pop up Shop for a makeover and came away feeling years younger and with a bag of products. Made up my own face today and several people during the day told me I was looking well! Delighted.

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