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  • AAT with Irina is just it!
    You can't make first impression twice. You make first impression with your outfit, your smile, hand-shaking, and the way you sound (what your think and what you say comes next, but the first impression is made, done, period). They say that the very first 15 minutes in a conversation with a stranger are enough for him/her to make the first opinion about you. Which brings us to the point where the way you sound can be sometimes crucial. However crucial things aside, the way you sound can sometimes be a key to many doors. The AAT course with Irina has turned out to be one of the best trainings in my past year. For a start, the course is simply interesting. It is fun. Even if you are not obsessed with sounding like a true American, the course is a delight, a pleasure to ears. Next, the course is mind-, eyes-, and ears-opening. Step by step, day after day you start to distinguish new sounds, and old sounds (which turn new to you as you progress) produced both by yourself and others. Speaking of the latter, at a certain point you can’t help but noticing broken sounds, mispronunciation, and misleading intonation that some non-native speakers have. Your ears might hurt. At first. You will even feel like recommending this course with Irina to such others (and if I were you I definitely would). Moreover, training with Irina is inspirational, really is. Inspirational to continue, to progress further because I would say you can never sound too perfect; there will always be a room to sound a little bit better. Finally (which actually should be the first and foremost) the AAT course with Irina is tremendously useful (whether you take it for work, for life or for fun), and, believe it or not, it works, it does.
  • Ines Gera
    American Accent Training
    Здравствуйте ! я очень рада что нашла Ирину в Instagram. У меня не было ни минуты сомнений что Ирина профессионал, и что я хочу заниматься именно с ней. Мне очень понравилось заниматься в группе ,уроки проходили в группе из двух человек , это очень удобно, ибо мы слышим прогресс друг друга. Моё произношение стало более мягким и натуральным. Меня понимают лучше, и я понимаю и слышу гораздо больше, чем это было до этого ,чему я очень рада. If you want to sound more like a native speaker go for it . Irina will show you the way
  • Софья Малюгина
    It was great!
    The course with Irina has significantly improved my pronunciation! Now I feel much more satisfied and confident with how I speak and how I sound to other people. I’ve recieved a lot of compliments on my pronunciation since we completed the course. What’s more, I’ve learn a lot of interesting details which I’d never notice by myself. That was a great experience and I’d highly recommend lessons with Irina to anyone who is learning English! You definitely won’t regret it.
  • Ekaterina Ivanova
    Irina is a Pro
    The analysis is a must
  • Alena Pankova
    Highly recommend!
    Best pronunciation I've ever heard! Irina is a very professional teacher, I really enjoyed our first lesson.
  • American accent training
    I’m really impressed by Irina, her amazing pronunciation and the way she teaches. Highly recommend!
  • Anastasiya Titova
    Real value for money!
    Absolutely satisfied with the service, highly professional and pleasant manner to deal with students, thorough analysis and a charming smile on top of all that) higly recommended!
  • Alina Barsukova
    American accent training
    Had 2 lessons with Irina and I’m impressed how detailed the analys of my pronunciation was! Even though it’s not easy to work on your accent I find it super comfortable to work with Irina! She is skillful and nice! Looking forward to my next lesson! Thank you
  • Татьяна Дубова
    American Training Accent
    Здравствуйте! Я давно следила за Ириной в инстаграмме, и давно хотела взять у нее уроки.. Мне нравилось как она преподносит, обьясняет, мне нравилось ее собственное произношение .. Мне кажется она очень точно, четко, понятно, доступно, и главное скрупулезно:)) рассказывает.. После первого урока, хоть это и было больше знакомство.. Но были разобраны основные ошибки, даны рекомендации по исправлению.. Мне нравилось как Ирина подбадривает при работе. Спокойно относиться к ошибкам. Спасибо большое за советы, рекомендации и терпение..
  • Tatiana
    American Accent Training
    It was interesting to find out some tips on American pronunciation
  • Review of Irina's Diagnostic my American Accent!
    EN: This was amazing lesson with a lot of useful information. I found out more about my American pronunciation. Irina is a great teacher. She has amazing American accent! She knows everything about English, American Accent and how to teach people. RU: Ирина просто замечательный преподаватель. Она знает очень много о языке, произношении и как учить этому людей. У нее действительно талант доносить до человека информацию так, чтобы она усваивалась. На уроке я получила понимание того, на каком уровне я нахожусь, и в какую сторону мне нужно двигаться, чтобы улучшить своё произношение. Рекомендую Ирину всем русскоговорящим ученикам: вы получите отличный американский акцент и учителя, которые сможет вам подсказать, если вы потеряетесь в английском языке.
  • Irina Yendovina
    Just amazing!
    Great service and interesting lessons. Absolutely in love.
  • Ol Ga
    Good job
    I really love this service !!
  • Ali Rouhi
    Review of Irina's Russian lessons
    Irina is a highly intelligent teacher who understands student's strengths and weaknesses. She uses the former and works on the latter for instructive and enjoyable lessons. Her enthusiasm for matters language related is infectious. Highly recommended!

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