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Welcome I'm Spiritual_Vi. I'm a certified angel card reader, a spiritualist and i hold a diploma in Crystal Therapy. Are you at a cross roads? Are you feeling stuck in life? Are you torn on which way to turn? Is your relationship at a low point? Angelic guidance can help you to get unstuck and will help you to move forward in your life, so you can begin to lead a happier life.I would love to use my angel cards to assist you in making the necessary changes in your life and help you to see where the blocks are.Set up your personal and confidential reading, go ahead and click the Book Now button on the read that catches your eye.


  • Daniella Sarah
    Absolutely amazing bang on point was so impressed and learnt a lot too
  • Michelle Rach Michelle
    Amazing lady , absolutely spot on . Had a laugh with her as well as my read . By far she is the best reader I have ever had . Will definitely be having anothet
  • Jeni Miller
    Lovely lady
    I had a penny board with vi. She can do it by video so you know what she is telling you is what the spirits are saying. I also won a free talking to heaven reading which I was blown away by. I know when I'm in need of some guidance vi and the spirits will be around to help <3
  • Sharon Conarty
    3 card reading
    A lovely reading very accurate. Gave good advice to. Lovely genuine lady.
  • Toni Searle
    Simply amazing
    This beautiful lady could not of been more spot on! Here's to the future! Thank you for my lo very ladies message xxxx
  • Filly Helen Daniel
    Reading heart spread
    It was fantastic
  • Joanne Conneely
    Highly recommend Vivienne she is straight to the point and so accurate in what she tells you.
  • Clare Kennedy
    ms kennedy
    Absolutely lovely accurate and caring read! Highly recommend xx
  • Melissa Cator
    Amazing woman with an amazing gift !
    Dear viv , I can't thank u enough for sharing ur special gift with me ! Everything u picked up on made complete sense and has given me comfort at a low point in life
  • Shaneika Brown
    Great Read
    Thanks for the read. It was on point
  • Kaylyn Chelsea Aznavorian
    Great Reader!
    Vi gave an excellent reading! She picked up on little details without me saying much more than "I'd love a reading from you!". Thanks again!
  • DrSaroj Verma
    Reading from Vivienne
    I just had a reading from Vivienne. She provided me an in-depth reading about certain traits of my life which very well resonated with me. She was so accurate whatever information she was getting regarding me. It was really an amazing experience taking a reading from her.. I would highly recommend for her!! Love and lights xxx
  • Amarie Thijs
    Very interesting and deep reading
    I booked a mini romantic reading but Vivienne always gives all the information she gets. The reading would take 20 min but it took much longer, the most because she goes so in depth for each card and you're allowed to ask questions to understand it better. Besides that I could recognize and take everything she mentioned, her readings learn you so much and lots of information to read a long period after the reading, just because there is so much information that it's heavy to let it all in at one moment in time. IOnce you had one reading, you're tended to stay loyal to her because her readings are magnificent. Thank u Vivienne!
  • Nikaella Nicol
    Reading <3
    I had my first reading from Vivienne tonight and she was amazing. Not a better feeling than hearing from a loved one, and to know they are pain free and not suffering, you have not just gave me comfort from that reading, you Have gave the rest of the family aswell <3 Thank you xx
  • Gillian Rennicks
    Excellent at what she does
    My very first reading off Vivienne was a few yrs ago and it really was so spot on I cried at how accurate she was. She did three readings that night and left all three ofus in tears! I think that says it all because she told us things that are so close to our hearts! Over the last few yrs I've cotton a number of different readings off Vivienne and she is always very accurate sometimes it wasn't what I wanted to hear but I knew deep down it was always right
  • Sarah Martin
    Got an absolutely amazing reading of Vivianne, my nanny came through to her to look for me and I coukdng bekive the stuff she told me she described her tona T and the comfort it brought me knowing ib100% know shes with me allnthe time was unreal I'll be forever greatfull
  • Carol Gilbert
    Healer of the Ages card from Energy Deck
    This card explains how I've always been there to help others and neglected myself and that I need to take time out for me for a change to heal and recharge myself which is so true so I shall be taking this advice and putting myself first for a change. Thank you so very much for taking time out to read for me xx
  • Lorraine Marie Goodwin
    vi is on point with her readings x
    Vi is a very talented gifted lady her readings r on point I've had a couple of readings from vi and most things have come to light she is very patient very loving the way she does her readings will blow u away x
  • Christy Wasson
    Tarot Card Reading
    Had a reading from the energy cards and wow was it spot on. Everything she said related directly to a particular situation that I am going through right now. I could relate to ever thing she said
  • Chelsea Glynn
    Amazing reader
    Have had a few reading off Vivienne she's always got everything right and even knowing how much my further means to me and what I want to achieve:-) an amazing reader everything she told me does be right and a pressure to get a reading off xxx
  • Kelly Newlands
    Tarot reading
    Truly amazing lady every reading I've every had has some relivence to my life or question I have asked. If in need of spiritual advice I would come to this lady Vivienne is so nice to talk to always got time for you, and really has an amazing talent and natural gifts.
  • Melissa Smith
    Witnessed and experienced many readings of Vivienne over the past couple of years. Always full of positivity and bright energy!! When recieving a reading myself I come away feeling guided in the right direction and like my questions have been answered! Can always totally relate to what is said.
  • Shauna Mairead Mcd
    Such an amazing experience with spirtual vi she gave me goose bumps... her information was spot on everytime and her reading are very detailed which you don't get everywhere. I'll definitely be coming back soon for more guidance.I would definitely recommend her 100%
  • Selina Neal
    Really amazing felt such comfort talking to Spiritual_Vi she really helped me with so much and was 100% spot on in what she was telling me and things that were to happen couldn't recommend more to anyone and so cheap xx thanks for everything Spiritual_Vi I'll be back for more x
  • Megan O'malley
    Absolutely amazing reading she could not of been more spot on with everything!!!!
  • Emma O Keeffe
    I had a great reading of vivenne everything she had said was spot on and could relaye to everything that came up on the cards

Our providers

Vivienne Caulfield
Hello there i am Spiritual_Vi I am a certified angel card reader, a spiritualist and i have a diploma in Crystal Theraphy.

Our services

30 EUR
Relationship Heart Spread via video call (FB or skype)
12 cards that form a deep relationship reading. 6 cards per person in realtionship. This spread deals with your strengths, challenges, goals and future as a couple. €30
1 hour
1 angel card and one wisdom card Emailed
Short to the point and sweet ♡ awesome for a quick boost and nudge of guidance ! You get a photo of each card and brief explanation €6
5 minutes
18 EUR
1 card from 3 seperate decks via Video call (FB or skype)
Our trio of angels ♡ 3 oracle cards from 3 different angel oracle decks. This gives you 3 right now right here advice cards from the angels. Great if you are seeking a little bit of clarity and a boost of guidance €18
15 minutes
Angel Answers via Facebook Mail or Insta DM
3 questions for your angels and guides answered via Angel Answers Oracle Deck. For this i pull a 3 card answer per question and briefly explain my thoughts on each answer. This is a fun light and direct read. Photo of cards and brief explanation €6
20 minutes
45 EUR
Talking to Heaven via Video call (FB or skype)
A message from heaven Card read ♡ An emotional spiritual connection reading ♡ this is a message from a loved one in heaven ♡ For this i use Medium-ship cards and use the energy of the person passed to draw the message for you. A lovely emotional reading
1 hour
35 EUR
Starry Six via Facebook mail or Insta Dm
6 Card Star ☆☆☆ Water- your feelings Air- What's causing these feelings? Earth- Knowing how to deal with your situation. Fire- Guidance on Actions to take now Joy- Overall Summary and message Spirit.. A message from spirit or your spirit guide All together this is a beautiful and indepth card read. €35
1 hour 15 minutes
30 EUR
focus filled five via Facebook mail or Insta DM
Focus Filled Five 1. Situation 2. Challenge 3. Guidance 4. Focus 5. Outcome Also includes 2 pendulum questions This is fantastic if you are seeking motivation and focus! €30
45 minutes
25 EUR
Earth Magic Emailed
A message of guidance to you from the earth. Earth element oracle cards with a clear and sensible message. A reading to provide a broad guidance for all aspects of your current life. A meaningful yet light reading. Great for new month or new phase readings. €25
35 minutes
25 EUR
Random surprise. via Video Call (FB or skype)
Dare to leave it up to faith. A reading from a deck of my choice using as many cards as i am drawn to in 30 minutes. This is guided by my guides and yours. A fun, Intuitive, Surprising Guidance, Reading. €25
30 minutes
40 EUR
2017 forcast and guidance via Facebo using mail or a private live video session
A very indepth look into the year just gone and its lesson. Also a focus on.the present and future. Focusing on your wish, how to make it plausable and possible future outcome. This is a fantastic spread for guidance direction and dealing with past emotions. It helps provide direction for the coming year €40
1 hour 10 minutes
50 EUR
All rounder Private session via Facebook mail
A photo reading with several angel cards from various decks, a mini message from heaven and a wisdom card. This is the all round guidance package.€50
1 hour 30 minutes
45 EUR
45minute phone call session
A mixture of cards, intuition and pendulum readings. A great way to ask as many burning questions as you can in time provided. €45
1 hour
18 EUR
Mini relationship/ Love life guidance FB mail or Phone call
Brief yet informative. A reading for your heart! Guidance on your lovelife. €18
30 minutes