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  • Beth Grossman
    My reading with Susan was beyond any words that I could ever express. She's kind and gifted - not to mention a pleasure to work with and a wonderful personality.
  • Teresa Swain
    Teresa Swain
    I have been to see Susan and had sittings and telephone readings for the last 15 years and the genuine accuracy of each and everyone has been 100%. My life has been told to me on many an occasion and always I’m amazed at how Names, places etc are so spot on and how Susan puts you at your ease and is one of the most kind and polite person I know
  • Robyn Benson
    Dr. Robyn
    Thrilled to have yet another amazing session with Susan. So much clarity from my spirit friends and grateful for Susan's guidance through her pantheon of angels. My Dad came through too and feel much more at peace now with all the challenges in my life right now. Thank you Susan!
  • Julie Penn
    I'm still buzzing from my first reading with Susan! The accuracy and circumstances of my life were absolutely spot on! The messages that came through were overwhelming and timely!! I cant recommend Susan enough! So so lovely and such a positive experience! Thank you xxx
  • Wendy Foulks
    Absolutely Amazing!!
    I am blown away. Accurate, fast, informative. I first found Susan through a friend, and now my husband and sister have their own readings coming up. Collectively we have all replayed Susan's recordings, countless times. So much information. It makes me want to be a better person. I am already "Good" but now I want to be better. Thank you so much, Susan. Wendy
  • Dr. Mahayana I. Dugast
    A big thank you ! :-)
    I am a returning customer and find Susan very gifted in relaying messages from our Beloveds departed - I continue to recommend her as she is one quality Lady, wonderful and totally worth the investment - Great insight, always timely, wonderful all around! love and care! Mahayana
  • Sarah
    I've had two readings with Susan and so have my family after reccomdations and I wouldn't go to anyone else. She's got me for life now (sorry Susan) and probably after that too! She has helped me with my own connection to spirit and I couldn't me more greatful to her and Michael for the new path I am on. Her readings are accurate, with compassion and like talking to an old friend.
  • Ashwin Bedi
    I would like to thank Susan for sharing this wonderful gift with us and giving us the reassurance that our loved ones are at peace. Thank you Susan x
  • Christine Williams
    Great connection to Spirit!
    I would just like to thank Susan for another of her amazing conversations she had with my loved ones in the Spirit world. Susan channels and interprets clear and precise information and presents it in a loving and compassionate manner. It is great to be able to still connect with family, cats and friends who have passed over and realise that they are not suffering and their souls are happy. When you are all alone with issues to resolve and find it difficult to move forward, it is a wonderful feeling that your loved ones can help you with advice from the other side and they are always with you in spirit sending you unconditional love.. I live in Italy and have always had readings over the telephone with Susan which I actually prefer. I have had many readings in the past and can honestly say Susan is one of the best mediums I have had the pleasure to connect with. Love, Good Health, Happiness & Blessings xxx Christine Williams
  • Heather Snuffler Allan
    I was broken..I am still trying to process my telephone reading with Susan. It reaffirmed what I already thought to be true and so amazingly accurate. I feel a bit less broken now.
  • Ariel Osmak
    My reading was so accurate and on point. So positive and Susan is amazing. I got to talk to my dad and she mentioned things that were remarkable. Very emotional but great. I loved it would do it again and will
  • Lisette MacGuinness
    Liz - Stevenage
    I have had a few face to face readings with Susan over the past three years and one telephone reading, all of which have been extremely accurate and helpful. Her ability to make contact with friends and family is amazing and the information she reveals could only come from the person she is speaking to. It is strangely comforting and reassuring to experience this. It leaves you with a sense of peace and calm.
  • Lorraine Lee
    Simply fabulous!
    This was my 3rd reading by Susan Bond, many friends/family members have had readings done by her too. I don't need any convincing that Susan is genuine, I have had all the proof I need, and I've never known her get it wrong for either me or others. Making contact with loved ones in spirit brings untold comfort, Susan is the only Medium I know of in which I have 100% confidence, and trust me I've seen many!!
  • Gabrielle Coffey
    Thankyou for the reading. It was so spot on it was incredible. It has caused great unsettledness this week, but it helped me work out what was going on and what I was meant to do going forward. Thankyou, and I will be rebooking!
  • Carol Schaefer
    A positive direction!
    As a mental health professional I experienced Susan's reading helpful, insightful, and comforting. It gave me peace and a positive direction. She was also able to clear negative energy that surrounded me and gave me anxiety.After the reading I didn't have the anxiety that interfered with my capacity to enjoy my life. The connection to my loved ones also was extremely helpful, and the information i received was 100% accurate. I highly recommend Susan Bond .
  • Caroline Mitchell
    Susan's energy is so clear. The warmth of her spirt and messages received were deeply healing. She appears to do her work with much clarity, warmth, and genuine intention to serve all, both bond in spirit and on this earth plane. I found her to be a truly gifted medium that I easily resonated with.
  • Tara Broida
    Susan was very pleasant and lovely. Her fee is reasonable for the service she provides. I believe she is the real deal. I was happy to hear that my loved ones on the other side were all well and it was amazing to hear that there were a lot of animals there. I just wish maybe they had more meaningful and personal messages for me. I would recommend Susan for anyone who wants to connect with someone they have lost.
  • Alec Craik
    A fantastic reading as usual, i look forward to your dvd and skype contact. highly recommended and very pleased with the service.
  • Hilary Russell
    Great reading
    I had a great reading from Susan! It as helpful in providing closure after my father's death. She mentioned things she would not have known and I look forward to the signs that would come that she mentioned. She also worked with me about another appt.time. While there are some question about some of the people she mentioned, I have the feeling they may reveal themselves in time. I hope to call again for another reading in the future!
  • Lisa Milner
    Unexpected Joy
    Simply, thank you Susan (and my friend Victoria) for a truly awakening experience I was not expecting. This year I have big solo plans & Victoria suggested I speak to Susan, Victoria booked my session, even initially paid with her credit card...I was a passenger. I also had some hesitation about the call because I didn't want to ask a question & hear something contrary to what my heart was desiring, so I aimed to 'block' any topic of conversation I didn't want to engage in. The flow was taken care of & out of my hands, I received exactly what I needed. I've listened back to the wonderful recording several times, even shared it with my parents & grandmother. The content of that 30 minutes will fuel me with love for years, it was so personal, so connected and so enlightening, days later I'm still reeling in the joy of the conversation. So with all my heart, thank you. Lisa
  • Edward Huerta
    Reading in December
    Was very surprised and happy with the reading from Susan. My wife's voice has come across in this file. It has given me hope and faith that she is in a better place and is sending me love and is with me. I want to thank you Susan for the opportunity to hear from my wife...respects, Ed H.
  • Faye Danuta
    Faye Danuta
    Fantastic Reading, helped bring closure to some long standing questions. Very healing
  • Milli Chapell
    Susan and her guides are always so helpful and grounding. They get right to the point with clarity and heart. Thank you for your work Susan.
  • Lynsey Anne Beswick
    Very helpful and healing
    ​ I received a wonderful reading from Susan. She is clearly brilliant at what she does. The information that came through her was highly accurate and a piece I didn't get at the time I had a realisation about later on. I was given very helpful information via a guide and relative of a particular homeopathic remedy which was recommended to me. When I researched it, I discovered it is exactly what I needed! The connection with my close relatives was heart warming, supportive and loving. I had reassurance about my business which was very much appreciated and Susan also assisted in the clearing of some destructive energies around me which had been depleting me for some time. Thank you Susan!
  • Di Wie
    All informations during my telephone reading were absolutely exact. My grandfather has introduced himself to Susan by giving his real name. All reading very good. Thank you again and I will definitely recommend to anyone.
  • Frank Reilly
    I have had a number of readings with Susan both face to face and by telephone, which I can only describe as uncanny in their accuracy. Susan has this wonderful gift of being able to tell me about events that have happened or will happen, which I find a comfort and uplifting and I can't wait for my next reading with Susan. Keep up your amazing work Thanks Frank
  • Anita Langley
    My readings with Susan are absolute superb - I have recommended many of my very good friends to here and they all say the same. Having a reading is incredible - you even get a recording to be able to listen to whenever you chose. Every time I listen back to the reading what Susan and her guide Michael say 9-10 happens. Just go ahead and book an appointment you won't be disappointed.
  • Ashwin Bedi
    Amazing gift thank you for sharing
  • Pam Craige
    Truly a gifted medium
    I've already left feedback from my reading last Monday but something wonderful has just happened. Susan told me to look for a sign from my beloved husband. She was very specific and said it would be a small bird that would come very close and that it would get my attention. Well, I've just been into the garden (in between downpours), and sitting on the garden wall was a tiny blue tit ( just as Susan described). I was able to get close enough to take a picture and the little thing just looked straight at the camera. Lots of birds visit the garden every day, but none has ever done this. Words can't describe how wonderful this is. Thank you Susan for a very special reading, and for this wonderful gift from my husband. Ps I have the picture but can't seem to post it with this feedback - otherwise I would gladly share it.
  • Julie Baker
    My recent reading with Susan was the most amazing, informative and enlightening experience ever. Susan's talent/gift is amazing and she brings such comfort. Thank you from us all.
  • Kate Murphy
    Thank your such an insightful and inspiring reading. Loved every bit of it and wish we had longer to chat. It was great to connect with my family on the other side and to be able to relay messages to people here. Fantastic reading And I'll beback for more. Xx
  • Cheri Walden
    I learned so much during my half hour with Susan. I had recently lost my father and he was able to communicate through her. He said things that there was no way she could have previously known. He was able to communicate things he was unable to prior to his death. I knew it was him. He asked about his watch. Which I had. It was as though he was telling me something so I would know it was him. Susan was also able to clear up some events in my life that I was concerned about. I felt so much better. I had also been suffering,for weeks, from a medical condition that doctors were not able to find a reason for. She said I would feel better in two days of removing some negative energy that was around me. I began feeling like my old self the very next day. It was an incredible half hour and I am so very grateful to her.
  • Emily Garcia
    Susan was so accurate and sensitive. She helped me get help for my son, through my mom and family that had passed. Her information was extremely accurate. And, her loving positive manner was so kind. I felt loved, supported and held. I highly recommend her!
  • Leanne Barry
    I was literally left blown away after my telephone reading!! I have seen many psychics, mediums and clairvoyants and I can honestly say I have never been left with the goosebumps that Susan left me with. Names, ages, birthdays, things that have been going on etc - all of them spot on!! Absolutely amazing! Literally blew my head off! Such a lovely, bubbly and friendly person too! As you can probably guess; I would highly recommend a reading with Susan. You won't be disappointed! The wait time alone speaks volumes
  • Gabrielka Mcvay
    Great reading Susan. Thank you amazing connecting with my nan and you clearing conversing with spirt and exactly telling me my Nan's name wonderful conformation that I am being looked after !! Your genuine care and kindness also !!
  • Traci Murray
    Susan has such a blessed and profound gift! She has been uncannily accurate. She predicted events for me that sounded impossible, but then did come to pass, to my lasting astonishment. I've referred 5 other people to her, and each of them came away utterly astounded. In addition to her extraordinary gifts of connecting with your loved ones and predicting your life events, she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. It's as if she's made of love, and completely honest. I can not recommend her highly enough. I love her.
  • Charlie Burrough
    A stranger i fell i have known forever....
    Susan not only make you feel at ease the moment you see/speak to her but you feel she is a life long friend you have known forever. I have had many readings with Susan both face to face and on the phone. I first saw her during the loss of my nan, she spoke to me in detail about her and the things that happened surrounding her passing, things no one could have know, I had no doubt in Susan's amazing ability to connect with the spirit world. Since then Susan has helped guide me through many life situations with the help of her guide, my guide and of course my nan. Nothing is ever too much trouble and she always makes you feel at ease and welcome. I already can't wait for my next reading. Thank you Susan xx
  • Gabrielka Mcvay
    Amazing ! Thank you so much Susan, you helped so much and your accuracy with my family names blew me away. Only complaint is reading went so quick need to book Another as didn't have time to get threw all my questions
  • Anne Darby
    Very positive
    Susan is a delight to talk with and will give you a platform to communicate with loved ones.
  • Jamie Mumby
    Fabulous reading
    Thank you Susan for another great reading -as usual! I love your clarity and calmness. Many thanks indeed!
  • Michelle Cowie
    A wonderful reading. I will definitely book again!
  • Sharon James
    Hi Susan I am so happy I received this reading and felt it was so helpful and you really did give me comfort in the information you shared with me I feel very happy that my friend bought me this wonderful gift and I would like to thank you for your detailed reading and it has certainly helped me in concerns I had for my family and myself going forward thank you
  • Clare Blacklock
    Amazingly accurate
    Susan is a very caring and gifted medium, cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you for confirming what I already believed to be true. Clare x
  • Lindsey Tanner-Elwell
    Blown Away!!
    This was my first reading so I did not know what to expect. I was blown away my the accuracy of the information that was passed to me from the spirit world. The reading was spot on with regards to names and relationships and I felt greatly comforted and peaceful. Conversing with Susan was like talking to an old friend. It was as though we had known each other for years. All my fears and anticipation melted away. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family and I will be having more readings

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International Medium/Clairvoyant & Published Author of Both Worlds- Living Every Day with the Dead. I have had contact with the spirit world, all of my life. I was brought up in a Catholic environment, which made it rather difficult for me as I am and have always been a spiritualist. It was impressed upon me that it was wrong to speak to spirit, but it has always felt right to me. Speaking to spirit helped me through the difficult times of my childhood and throughout my life. They gave me hope and encouragement with messages and premonitions that have actually saved my life on a couple of occasions and have always helped me through the good and bad times. I wouldn’t want to be without them. Everyone has spirit guides and loved ones in the spirit world. A Medium just acts as a communicator to pass on messages. I have been passing on these messages to loved ones for over 48 years now. I have also helped numerous people communicate with their spirit guides. I have given many telephone readings to people in many different countries including America, Canada, South America, Australia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Czechoslovakia, Cyprus, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Slovakia, Dubai, Ghana, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Fuerteventura, Crete, Tenerife, Jersey, Germany, Brazil, Korea, vietnam, India, Pakistan and all over the United Kingdom I offer insight and guidance on important issues in all aspects of your life. All readings are sincere and confidential, so if you would like to book a sitting/reading, please contact me. There are numerous ways of communicating with spirit, I class myself as an ‘All Rounder’ as I see, hear, feel, sense and smell spirit. I also get psychic pictures and premonitions from spirit and sometimes use psychometry. I give people healing and send absent healing too. I also do remote viewing and helped with missing people. I have vivid memories of my Nan, talking to me whilst I was in my pram, although she had died before I was born. She came to me every day of my life during my childhood and still visits me now, four or five times a week. There are many reasons why people come to see me, whether in grief and need to contact their loved ones, for advice about relationships, career moves and general guidance in their lives, for whatever the reasons they have, spirit have helped. Whatever reason you need or want a reading, it will be in strict confidence. I think as living spirits we should live life to the full (as much as we can), so our loved ones in the spirit world can share our life’s experiences.

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